Gift Giving Tip Series: It REALLY is the thought that counts! TIP #1

Posted by Jennifer Breslawski on

Make it all about them, not you:)

Have you ever shopped for a gift, with the thought that you need to impress everyone at the party?  It's easy to get caught up in giving "the best" gift, but just what is the best gift?  Trust me, there's no need to show off when it comes to gift giving!  Don't spend more than you can afford just to make an impression.  Carefully select a gift that the recipient will enjoy and forget about wowing everyone else.  

It's also important to remember that just because you like something, doesn't mean that everyone else does too!  While the recipient may have similar tastes to yours, they also may be very different.  You may find yourself buying a gift and picking up something similar for yourself because your tastes are perfectly aligned.  It's certainly easy to shop for someone with similar tastes to your own.  However, consider the tastes of each person you shop for and don't just rely on what appeals to you. 

The best gift is one that has been thoughtfully selected.